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Lucy is a writer, artist and designer.

She grew up in East Africa, studied in Edinburgh and now lives in Hove where she loves to swim in, paddle on or potter by the sea.

Lucy spent eight years working for charities empowering women, including managing a women's centre and overseeing a programme for survivors of human trafficking.


She's now gearing up to launch a colourful clothing line than empowers the women who craft the products. Alongside this she continues to make time for writing, art and print experiments.

With a love for plants you'll often find her with her hands in the soil tending to her beloved veggies and nurturing floral explosions of colour in the garden. Either that or crafting something homemade as an ode to colour, print or pattern!



Lucy writes copy for charities and start-ups, alongside scribbling her own prose, poetry and stories. There's a blog brewing ready for launch soon!

Dotty for copy? Click here to find out more.


Art & Ceramics

Lucy loves to play with paint, clay and thread. 

Shimmy on over to the shop to bag an original artwork or a limited edition print. There's a wide range of Lucy's cards and postcards ready to pocket too. 

A few times a year Lucy also releases small collections of handmade pottery for sale. Keep your ear to the ground (or your eyes on Instagram) for updates!

Lucy also runs community art workshops. 

If you'd like to find out more about workshops or commissioning a piece of art or some ceramics, drop her a line and she'll get in touch pronto!


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